Help On Ego Get To The Fringe!

A project by: Vanessa Ostick


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Break a leg guys. And don't forget to really enjoy it !!!

Best wishes, Gaby

Quite a long proces to finally pay, but solid

Good luck!! Looks amazing.

Good luck xx

Have the best time at the Fringe! Sorry I couldn't give more xx

Best wishes and congrats on your vision. Jim Powers

Given by Jen

I've just watched and love the dynamic positive approach you have. You're having fun opening people's minds and helping express deep issues through theatre. Thanks!

Truly a privilege to support you all in this project. Wish I could donate a little more, but hope this helps for now. Intrigued by the questions of human experience you were always asking together back in York when I first saw it; enthused by the prospect of this production asking similar ones of its audiences in Edinburgh. Go for it you gifted, wonderful lot! Big love, friends. x

Go for it with all your hearts and talent

Hope you succeed - looking forward to seeing it.

Good luck and be fabulous xx

Best of luck!! X

I am so incredibly proud to support Oliver Henn and the Mind Over Matter Collective! You all are incredibly talented and The Fringe is only the beginning of the bright futures you have ahead.

See you there!

Hope this works out for you Lauren Moakes; all hard work pays off! Keep doing what you're best at (: Love Dalena xox