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Sending York Swimmers to Sweden - Eurogames 2015

A project by: Chris Unsworth



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This project received pledges on Mon 03 Aug 2015
Support LGBT inclusion in sport by sending University of York Swimmers to the Eurogames 2015

The University of York Swimming and Water Polo Club (UYSWC) is trying to raise £800 in order to send 4 York Swimmers to the Eurogames, an international LGBT inclusive sporting festival.

UYSWC is one of the largest, most successful and most diverse sports clubs in the York Sport Union. The club prides itself on having a friendly and welcoming environment meaning that people from many different backgrounds and of differing race, sexuality and gender are able to compete in the name of the University of York. 

Post-Roses celebrations after UYSWC swimming whitewash 2015

Members of UYSWC strongly agree with the progressive ideals that the York Sport Union holds. Through programmes such as the Key Contacts Scheme, York Sport Union has been highlighted as a leading sports union with regards to inclusion and diversity. It is with these progressive ideals in mind that UYSWC members wish to compete in the Eurogames 2015.

Eurogames 2015 - Stockholm banner

The best way to describe the Eurogames is taking the European Olympics and merging it with an LGBT pride festival. The inclusive sports festival involves 29 different sports. 4,500 competitive registrations have been made so far and over 20,000 spectators are expected from all over the world. The event is truly global and there are no barriers to entry. People of any sexual orientation, including heterosexual, have been encouraged to compete. Beyond sport, the event involves cultural and political events which will take place throughout the week.

The 4 UYSWC members that would like to swim in the Eurogames swimming gala are: Michael Clifford, 2nd year Computer science student; Maja Amanda Olsson, 2nd year Psychology student; Laurence McLellan Bastidas, 1st year Chemistry student and Christopher Unsworth, 2nd year Chemistry PhD student. We regularly carry the banner for our University on home soil, however, the Eurogames will be the highest profile event that any of us have ever competed in. No UYSWC swimmers have ever swum in an international competition before, making the Eurogames a ground breaking event for the swimmers and club alike. 

From the top: Chris, Laurence, Maja Amanda and Michael

Beyond personal and club representation, no university has ever specifically shown its support in sending students to the event before. In sending York swimmers to Sweden enforces and strengthens the view that York Sport Union is not only one of the leading, but THE leading university sports union globally with regards to inclusion and diversity. 

When asked why attending the Eurogames in the name of UYSWC, York Sport Union and the University of York is important to them, Michael, Laurence and Maja Amanda said the following:

Michael: "It's important to me that the Swimming Club and the University demonstrate their support for inclusivity in sport because, although the University, and especially UYSWC, do this very well, unfortunately this is not the case everywhere. It’s very difficult to play a team sport if you don’t ever feel like part of the team and I believe everyone should be able to participate in the sports they enjoy, regardless of any other factors."
Laurence: "I think it is important to make sports more inclusive to the gay community as sometimes there is stigma especially in mens sports, so being present at a tournament like this representing the university is very important and a good push to remove the stigma and make sports in general more open to everyone who is talented or wants to participate."
Maja Amanda: " I think the Eurogames is a brilliant opportunity for athletes from all over the world to come and enjoy sports and support LGBTQ rights. I am so proud to be a member of UYSWC who have members willing to travel to Eurogames in Sweden to show their support so everyone can enjoy such a great sport as swimming without experiencing discrimination."

We are asking for your donations towards this project and every donation will make a difference. All money donated with help in the realisation of the truly ground breaking participation of UYSWC members at the Eurogames 2015. The funds raised will go towards flights to and accommodation in Stockholm over the duration of the event. The York Sport Union Contingency fund have already contributed £340 towards registration for the event. A breakdown of costings and where the money will go is given below:

  • Registration (4 participants) - £340 - provided by the York Sport Union
  • Flights (4 return flights - London Stansted to Stockholm Stavska) - £340
  • Accommodation (3rd-10th August @£115pppw) - £460

There are extra incentives for donations, you could be a UYSWC member for life from donations that get you your own UYSWC merchandise!!! 

For more info on the Eurogames, UYSWC and York Sport Union check out the following links:






Follow the UYSWC twitter page for regular updates on fundraising and the competition throughout the games!!!

We understand that not everyone can donate, but if you can't you can still join our network or share this page that would be great. All help in any form is massively appreciated.

Thanks and much UYSWC love to all,

Chris Unsworth

1 year, 11 months ago


We're back from Sweden, 11 medals in tow (6 golds, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes). But we gained so much more than medals from the event. There were so many inspirational speeches and stories from the games. It really has made me want to act.

I believe that perceptions about sport and society and made at a young age. So I'd love to speak to young sports people or kids in school about diversity and inclusion. I'll be trying to start something soon, so watch this space!!!

Thanks again for all the support,


1 year, 11 months ago

Medal haul from day one

2 golds (myself 100brs and Amanda 50free), 2 silvers (Laurence 50fly and myself 200 back) and 1 bronze (mike 50fly) makes use all medal winners after only one day of the euro games. 

Got 2 more days to go of competition and the days are proving fairly long and arduous but we'll get through!

Many congratulations!! That's a great medal haul already.

1 year, 11 months ago

We're in Sweden!!!!!

After some stress we are here! Had some problems getting to be airport as our trains were delayed by 3 hours..... But all is fine!

We start swimming tomorrow. Mike and Laurence have 50 fly and 50 free, Amanda has 50 free and I have 100 breaststroke and 200 backstroke...... Someone may need to fish me out when I'm done. Will update on how we do :)

1 year, 11 months ago


We are almost there, 2 days to go! We've been training hard but its nearly the moment of truth time. We fly out on Monday and the competition starts on Wednesday, keep up to date with how we do on the UYSWC twitter page, https://twitter.com/UYSWC.

As I've said above we have 2 days left which means we still have some time to get some more donations in. Please spread the word to anyone you may think could be interested! 

Thanks again, again, again for all the support. Its been great to actively see it come in and has definitely made the training easier :)

1 year, 11 months ago


Thanks again for all your support, however we only have 5 days to go and we still are a chunk off our target.

I would massively appreciate if everyone could share our page with as many people as you know who may be interested via whichever means you can. One last push!

2 years ago

As a group we're delighted to see how well cundraising is going. Thanks again to all our aupporters. If we beat our target all extra funds will be used by the university swimming club to further equal and diverse involvement in our sport.

Please keep on giving, sharing our page and getting others to join our network.

2 years ago


We've managed to nearly 2/3rds of the way to our target! Thanks to everyone for their support, its so massively appreciated. A special mention goes to members of staff in the Department of Chemistry at York who have make a sizeable contribution and have shown continued support. 


We couldn't do it without your support. Laurence and I are particularly grateful as Chemistry students ourselves :)

2 years ago


Yesterday was an amazing day for the project. Attitude magazine, a leading international gay men's publication, has written an article on our aim to go to the Eurogames and the support that has been shown because of this has been ridiculous.


The page went from 3% funded to 44% funded within 24 hours, meaning we've destroyed our minimum target needed. 

Beyond this there have been so many new supporters and helpers joined the page, along with nearly 3000 people liking the Attitude article on social media.

Thanks to everyone for your support, let's keep it up :)

UYSWC love,


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Good luck and enjoy!

£5 from me was donated on behalf of Hannah B-How, thanks muchly. Much UYSWC love

Good Luck! So proud of you x

Very best of luck - have a great trip

Good luck!

Good luck gang!

I wanted to sponsor you because LGBTQ equality matters to me; I love to swim; and my first degree was in Swedish. So a perfect combination! Good luck!

Good luck - hope it all works out - brilliant even for trying

Good luck with this - it's a great initiative, and fantastic to see two chemists involved! You have done a really nice job with the publicity, and I hope you enjoy the games in Stockholm.