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Unknown Magazine: Relaunch

A project by: Rose Mckean



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This project received pledges on Sat 20 Apr 2019
This year we are bringing the Unknown Magazine back into the known…and we need your help!

Project summary

This project marks the official relaunch of Unknown Magazine, an independent Arts & Culture publication based in York.

Your generous donations will provide the vital funds needed to print our annual magazine, and will facilitate the reinvention of Unknown as an essential platform for artistic expression. 

Who are we?

Unknown Magazine is the product of its hardworking team: a group of creative, passionate, innovative students who are dedicated to celebrating the arts.

We consist of a year-long review website, an annual print edition and regular events in and around the arts. 

Our Story

Unknown Magazine began this year with zero funding or support, and has thrived solely on the enthusiasm of its new team.

But in order to actualise our ambitions we need your help!

Our time rebuilding the magazine has allowed us to define who we are and what we hope to become:

  • A social network for young artists to work collaboratively in expressing their creativity, and meet like-minded people.
  • A platform for criticism and artistic experimentation offered by our year-long website.
  • A facilitator of events, giving our members the opportunity to explore synergies with other artists and catalyse new ideas
  • And finally, a regular print magazine. In weaving together a variety of artistic forms the Unknown is a unique multi-media art piece in itself, at once unified and varied as the perspectives it contains.

We want to make this year’s publication a turning point, a revival and a renewal of the magazine to its previous state; to bring the Unknown back into the known.

Where will the money go? 

  • £400 to printing for our next edition: Disorder
  • £200 for holding fundraisers and events surrounding the arts.
  • £31 to purchase InDesign for our layout editors
  • The production of Merchandise using sustainable material, to help us fundraise in the future 
  • The rest will go to printing previous editions and our next publication!

Our previous work:


Here at Unknown we want to celebrate the power of passionate people to make a project happen!

As a donor you will become a vital part of our Magazine so check out our rewards designed to say thank you.

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Help us succeed!

  • Any donation you can afford will be greatly appreciated at Unknown Magazine, no matter the amount your donation will be instrumental in making our project happen!
  • Remember you don’t need to donate to support our cause. You can help us simply by sharing our story: whether with friends, family or colleagues, whether via social media or word-of-mouth.

Once again, thank you on behalf of all of us at Unknown Magazine.