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VOX 2014/2015

A project by: Club of PEP


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This project received pledges on Fri 27 Jun 2014
Funding the student run Politics, Economics & Philosophy academic journal VOX!

Who are we?

The Club of PEP is a student run organisation representing all students studying under the School of PEP (Politics, Economics and Philosophy). It exists to provide a clear identity for PEP students, bringing them together and enhancing their experience outside the classroom through social, academic and career oriented events.Vox is the most important academic project we run, and we need your help to continue!

What is VOX?

VOX is a Politics, Economics and Philosophy academic journal run by students from the University of York. Incorporating the thoughts of internationally acclaimed professors with the work of students from around the country, VOX creates a platform to discuss important topics from a whole range of perspectives. With the Club of PEPs support, VOX publish one thematic issue per term.

The Vision for VOX

Since its start four years ago, VOX has grown in quality, size and readership. With continued work, we hope to attract more high profile contributors that should provide an increasingly interesting dynamic to future discussions. Due to very limited funds in previous years, VOX print editions have been published in black and white. We would like to see the print editions go into colour, giving life to the hand picked images that go alongside the essays.

Why VOX is important

The uniqueness of a publication like VOX is its ability to attract high profile professors and academics into a discussion that also encourages students to express their positions within an academic framework. By bringing together students and professional academics, we strive to create an accessible journal that will give insight to those that seek it. While giving an opportunity for students to get involved in academic debates and contribute to one of the few academic journals open to them.

Why we need your support

The Club of PEP does not affiliate with York Universities Student Union, giving us more freedom but no monetary support from them. The School of PEP provides some financial support, but we rely on sponsorships and on your generous donations to publish VOX.

What your donation will pay for

We want to print 300 copies of each edition in colour costing £325. With £75 in case we print more pages and for release events, VOX requires £400 each term. Totaling £1200 for the entire year. Any donation you are willing to make is very much appreciated, in helping us towards are goal of publishing VOX next year.

Thank you so much for reading this, and for your donation!

You can find more information about VOX at our website.