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A Slimming World

A project by: Sophie Schulze



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This project received pledges on Sun 21 Aug 2022
An interactive drama following non-binary student Charlie in figuring out who they are.

Help us in bringing Charlie's story to life

“I’m just so sick of pretending to be someone I’m not!”

Growing up is hard. Figuring out who you are is even harder.In this interactive short film, the audience follows Charlie - a non-binary university student - and takes on the role of society, making decisions that potentially severely influence Charlie’s life. This masters film aims to reflect and display how big the influence of society is on someone’s mental health - whether through active influence, or passively in form of comments and how people act around each other.

Meet the Writer/Director/Producer

Hello, my name is Sophie Schulze. I am a current masters by research in filmmaking student at the university. This project is my labour of love - ever since I started my masters last September and to be honest: even before. Not only is the technical aspect of the film something that I am really passionate about (interactive drama), it is also the story and its themes that are really important to me; the influence that our modern society has on individuals, especially on young adults, is what I want to discuss in this short film. To do this in an artful and truthful way, I need your help.

The Masters

This interactive short film is part of a masters by research in filmmaking degree. The masters itself aims to look at how a writer/director can make the process of acting in an interactive film easier for the actors. 

The story 

Charlie Parvus is a non-binary university student experiencing the struggles of growing up and figuring out who they are. Their story is one about friendship, family, and the influence society has on them. It is also a story about mental illnesses that are not discussed about enough on screen and anywhere else.

Why do we need your help?

The simple answer to this question is: to bring the story of Charlie to life. A more detailed answer would be: for costs that will arise throughout the production process. How would we spend your money?


  • To create a realistic environment through set pieces and props
  • Set Building (for one of the scenes)


  • From and to York (in case they are not based in the area)
  • From late night filming locations (to ensure the safety of all members)


  • Marketing and promotion of the film (i.e. posters, giveaways, payed online promotion)
  • Potential entry fees for film festivals (one can never dream too big)


  • Acquiring safety appliances to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (i.e. masks, sanitisers, tests, etc.)
  • Covering costs for other health and safety appliances (i.e. first aid kit, etc.)
  • Making the set accessible for members of the crew with disabilities  


  • Food and drinks for crew and actors during the shoot (bearing in mind any allergies and requirements)


  • In case of unexpected venue hiring or travel costs, replacement of set pieces, etc.

We will give you an exact rundown of how the money is going to be used once the crowdfunding for this project has ended (21st of August) and will keep you updated about any changes. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Sophie (lss525@york.ac.uk). 

What could you get from us?

£15 donation will get you exclusive access to the film. A £30 donation will get you exclusive access and a contributor mention (film credits). A £50 donation will get you a special thank you video from the cast and crew as well as the rewards mentioned above.

thank you for your interest in this project - it means a lot to us!

Any amount will help us in telling Charlie's story. And if you are not able to donate, sharing the information about this project can make an immense impact. 

Find us here

Find us on Instagram ('A Slimming World' Film) for updates about the project, or feel free to email Sophie (lss525@york.ac.uk) in case you have any questions or concerns.