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Ben Lairig: Winter Mountaineering Training Weekend

A project by: Ben Lairig



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This project received pledges on Fri 16 Jan 2015

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Good luck guys, this is a worthwhile trip, hope it goes well. Here's a story from the Ben archives. We ran the same trip '99 and I went along to drive, having done the course a few years before. While waiting with the AU minibus for one group to come back, I ended up rescuing a random chap who's fallen through a cornice, sliding 100s of metres, loosing all his gear except the clothes on his back. Drove him down the valley to try and find a phone and ended up delivering him to the mountain rescue Landy coming in the opposite direction; he'd not been on any courses!

There you are guys, good luck! I'm expecting personalised snowmen for each of us!

Best of luck!

Good luck guys! See you all soon.

Glad to do this guys but its a shame its come to this. Hopefully the support here is well placed and shows the strong support the club enjoys.

Best of luck guys. Hopefully YUSU realise just how valuable Ben Lairig and its winter skills course is, and you receive proper support from them next year.

I'm expecting a huge snowman :) Oh and Slovenia is awesome.