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A project by: Carly Bell


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This project received pledges on Wed 20 Jan 2016
An avant-garde artist forces his audience to face their darkest secrets...


In an epic Victoria theatre, a play begins. But the stage is barely set before it is hijacked as a charismatic performer with delusions of grandeur holds the audience at gunpoint. 

Challenges are met and true natures revealed, all in pursuit of brutal honesty and the catharsis it brings. The performer surges through his act, freeing his audience of the fears and doubts which hold them hostage. 

Through Catharsis we hope to tell our family, friends, and the world a meaningful story that we believe will affect the way we think of ourselves, and help us realise who we really are. 


We are a group of third year Film and Television Production students, who are bringing our past experience of filmmaking to Catharsis (check out our teams showreel at the top of the page!). As a team we are ambitious, well-prepared, and eager to make Catharsis a film that we are all proud of. The team behind Catharsis: 

  • Producer: Carly Bell
  • Director: Paulina Lewicka
  • Writer: Mick Hunter
  • Production Manager/1st Assistant Director: Jay Massaad
  • Director of Photography: Luke Greenan
  • Sound Recordist/Designer: Caitlin McDaid
  • Production Designer: Charlotte Bennington
  • Editor: Jack Turner

WHY WE NEED your help:

Your money is going to make a HUGE difference to Catharsis! To enable Catharsis to be the best it possibly can be, we require our story to be filmed in a theatre. We are very lucky to have the support from the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, but this location comes at a cost. In order for us to film at this wonderful location, we really need your help. 

Your money will also help us in other areas of our production, from allowing us to travel to the location to us being able to feed our cast and crew. We have created a budget breakdown to show you where your generosity will go: 

  • Location - £1000 
  • Travel Expenses  - £300 (Travel from York to Halifax each day)
  • Catering - £100  
  • Costume, Prop, Hair/Makeup - £200 
  • Set design - £150 
  • Publicity - £50 

Without your donations, none of the above will be possible. The more money we can raise, the better the film we can make!


In return for your donations - no matter how big or small - we have a variety of amazing rewards on offer that are unique to our project. From a shoutout on our social media, to an executive producer credit we would like to thank you in any way we can. Are you even struggling to come up with an idea for that tricky secret santa? We could have the perfect solution! We are giving away a limited number of personalised theatre tickets (and not only that, they can be used to gain entry into a behind the scenes of our production!) Please check our rewards out on the right hand side of this page. 

Find us here:

To follow the progress of the Catharsis team, and to see how your money is benefiting our project, please check out our social media pages:

We also have our very own website, www.catharsisfilm.co.uk where we will be blogging regular updates. We want to keep you up to date with where your money is going, and you might even find us saying a huge thank you to you on our social media! 

Please Help us BRING CATHARSIS TO life!

All donations are extremely gratefully received and will take us a step closer to achieving our goal. Thank you very much for contributing to Catharsis!

However, if you're not able to donate money we totally understand, and you can still help our project to succeed by sharing Catharsis with anyone you think could support us - on Facebook, Twitter, by email, telephone, on your blog or in a chat on the bus.

The more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this film the success we want it to be. We will be very grateful for any support you can provide! 

~ The Catharsis Team