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Dramasoc Tech

A project by: YUSU DramaSoc


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This project received pledges on Tue 28 Jul 2015
All the world is a stage ... and it's becoming a bit dated.

We'd like to upgrade our Tech

- We would like to raise up to £15000 to upgrade our tech in the Drama Barn.

- All of the money will be devoted toward state-of-the-art equipment which is widely used in the industry.

- This will help to boost the quality of our weekly productions and help to train students who wish to pursue careers in technical theatre.

- We would like to make the membership of DramaSoc a factor when prospective students choose a university and all this would contribute towards them choosing York, and choosing DramaSoc.

DramaSoc in a nutshell
- We are one of the most active drama societies in the country -- putting on over 50 shows a year.

- Last term alone, over 100 members participated in at least one production -- and with a capacity of around 50 in the Drama Barn, our audience numbers can reach nearly 2500 people a year.

- We have several notable alumni working in professional theatre including writer Simon Stephens.

- Experience in theatre can train students in important skills, such as confidence, using your voice, and other practical skills which can be useful in many careers outside of theatre.  Most importantly, it's an opportunity to get involved and meet new people.

The Story
- We put on 2 shows a week, and our tech is beginning to show it.  We've been able to repair a lot of our equipment, and we devote several hours each week to keeping our gear in the best condition possible.  Unfortunately gradual wear and tear has left some of our equipment here and there beyond repair.

- We're also fortunate to have our own building (the Drama Barn) which serves as a dynamic and flexible space for students to embrace their creativity.  We would like to have a tech rig which could reflect this and allow students to try as many ideas as possible.

- In short, new equipment will help production teams realise their vision within the Barn, and train students wishing to pursue tech how to work with state of the art equipment. It would also prove to be an excellent long term investment and benefit DramaSoc members for years to come.

So please help us by making a gift!  Thank you.

The Details

- If we reach our minimum of £3,000, we will buy new moving lights for the Barn.  These fixtures are common in professional theatre and allow for many different effects without climbing a ladder every time we need a new look.

- If we reach our final goal of £15,000 we will be able to afford a complete electrical upgrade, which will replace the ageing system we already have.  Not only will this provide us with more options for each production, but it will also give us a firm foundation upon which we can later upgrade.

- A full breakdown of what we would like to invest in is listed below:

£3,000: New moving lights

£4,000: Level £3000 + new profiles (standard lights) + more gobos and gels (aids lighting effects).

£5,000: Level £4000 + new color LED lights.

£7,500: Moving lights + a partial electrical upgrade!

£10,000: Full electrical upgrade + level £5000.

£15,000: Level £10,000 + 2 additional moving lights + 10 new standard lamps (profiles and fresnels) + gobos + LED washes.

What's in it for you?

- We'd really appreciate it if you can make a donation.  We have incentives at all levels!  -- everything from DramaSocks to free pairs of tickets to shows of your choice! Check out the sidebar to learn more.  Any amount however is really appreciated.  Thank you for giving!

-All donors are encouraged to come and see the results themselves on our YuStart Day. Details of when this will be, shall be released closer to the time. We want to celebrate the success of our YuStart project and invite all donors to come to the Barn and the day's events, to see the changes that have been made.

Contact us

- Check us out on the interwebs:

Website: www.yorkdramasoc.com

Facebook: /yorkdramasoc

Twitter: @dramasoc

- Or send us an email at dramasoc@yusu.org

- Or stop by the Barn!

Spread the Word!

- Whether or not you choose to donate, we would be very grateful if you could share this project with someone who might be interested and ask them to support us.  

Thanks for checking us out!