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"Flattered" to the Fringe

A project by: Naomi Gourley


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Hope you realise your goal. Hugest good luck with all of your endeavours x

Hi! Best of luck with this! It struck a bit of a chord with me as one of the most serious instances of harrassment I received as a young woman was on the streets of York. It was quite early on a Saturday morning and I was walking through town on my way to a University (musical) commitment. A short lardy bald bloke in his 40's and wearing a blue boilersuit was walking towards me as I crossed Foss Bridge. As our paths met, he crushed me against the bridge wall and whispered close to my ear, 'my balls are about to burst'. It only lasted a second and then he released me and carried on walking as if nothing had happened. I was so upset and shocked and virtually ran to my rehearsal. I burst into tears when I got there and a female member of staff asked me what had happened. On hearing the story, she said that next time I should just laugh in their face, that men do these things to feel powerful and that would disarm him. In hindsight, and having now taught for many years, I realise how wrong that response from her was. I would now tell a student to report that incident to the police. God knows what someone like that would also be capable of and with such unusual description, it might have helped them form a character fit for someone who might be committing far worse sexual offences. That incident has stuck with me and always makes me angry when I think about it.

I unfortunately missed the performances in York but I'm really looking forward to seeing it in Edinburgh. I've heard very good things from those who saw it, and it's a very important project from some fantastic people