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Floorball BUCS Showcase

A project by: UoY Floorball Club


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Help create a sustainable future for Floorball

what is the project

We need your help to have a impact on floorball on a national level.

Floorball isn’t currently a BUCS sport and we are doing our part to change this. But we need your help to make this happen, and here is how:

We need funding to host a showcase match on Wednesday 23rd January, where the UK Floorball Federation will be attending as well as a BUCS representative. This will be an incredible opportunity not just for our club but for the whole of UK Floorball. For the showcase to be a success we need a lot moving around and a lot of hiring! Including hiring two qualified refs, booking the Arena and for 4 hours and transporting the Floorball rink from and back to Wakefield.

If this match is a success you could contribute to making university floorball history in the UK. Not only that, but the match itself will be a great opportunity for the club which has been growing for the past 4 years; it is as much a showcase of our passion and determination as it is of the sport. It will also be a really fun event complete with interactive demos (provided by the UK Floorball Federation) as well as a raffle, not to mention a chance to watch a top quality university floorball match.

what is floorball?

Floorball is a fast-paced team sport similar to ice-hockey but played on a regular floor rather than an ice-rink. It has been growing substantially in the UK as the outreach for the sport grows and events become more popular. However, there are very few university-level opportunities today. University of York Floorball Club has been working to improve university floorball across the country through cooperation with the UK Floorball Federation (UKFF) and other university clubs. We are aiming to create a better and more sustainable future for our club and all other university clubs.

Where will the money go?

  • £600 - Rink transport
  • £300 - Venue booking (The Arena)
  • £200 - Referee hiring (including transport and match costs)
  • £300 - Coaching hiring


            £1,400 - Total 

    (Please note that the above numbers are estimates and approximations)

Budget explained:

The three key aspects of the event are the venue, transporting the rink, and the referees. It would be possible to pay for all three expenses with the minimum target (£800). However, doing so would put a lot of strain on the club's finance for the rest of the season.

Should we exceed the minimum requirement, any extra money would go towards funding the event without damaging the club's finance for the rest of the season, as well as hiring a coach for the match. This could be extremely beneficial for the performance of our team for this event, making it more successful. Any extra funding past our target will be used for further developing the club. This includes investing in training equipment as well as possibly hosting a future British University Floorball Tournament.

How much can I donate?

As we are in need of donation to help make this incredible event possible, we will welcome any amount you are willing to donate, as much or as little as you can. In return we will offer you some cool rewards. You can find out more on the reward scheme to the right!

Find us here

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UoYFloorball

Instagram: @uoy_floorball

Website: http://www.uoyfloorball.com

Help us succeed!

This event is of huge importance to our club, as we cannot develop any further without it. So we are inviting you to help create a sustainable and brighter future for the Floorball club here at York as well as all other uni clubs across the country. You can make this happen!

Thank you and see you on the 23rd Jan!