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Sun, Moon and Talia

A project by: Antonia Ronyecz


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Sun, Moon and Talia is a short film being produced by 8 final year Film and Television Production students at The University of york. 

The story is inspired by the 14th Century fairy tale with the same name, which went to become a cultural hit once it was adapted into the Sleeping Beauty ballet and the subsequent film by Disney. We aim to challenge the popular perception of what Sleeping Beauty represents by going back to the origins of the tale, and modernise it in order to see how its problematic attitudes are still residues of our society.

The film will revolve around the life of Talia, an aspiring ballet dancer that gets princess Aurora’s role in a contemporary production of the ballet. In the fashion of antecedents like The Red Shoes, we’re aiming to create a piece in which the world of the ballet magnifies the emotional journey of the main character; providing a potential display for great dance and acting performances. 


In order to achieve this, we’re collaborating with one of UK’s leading dance schools, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, whose dancers will be in charge of choreographing and performing in the dance scenes. Moreover, an entirely original soundtrack will be composed and conducted for the film by Carlos Zamora Perez, one of Chile’s most well-known orchestra composers.               However, to make this ambitious production happen we need your help.

Who are We? 

Where will the money go?

                                                          Sun, Moon and Talia: Budget

  • Transportation £350
  • Cast £500
  • Production Design £420
  • Location £400
  • Catering £250
  • Contingency £250
  • Additional equipment £330 

(Based on a budget of £2,500)

Our fundraising target is £2,500 which cannot be achieved without your help and donations. Every penny received will support us to bring Talia's story to life!

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Sun, Moon and Talia Crew