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The Dark Side of the Meme - Short Documentary

A project by: Eleanor Politzer



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This project received pledges on Wed 10 Jan 2018
A short documentary, aiming to provide an insight into the quirky and sometimes dark world of memes

The Dark Side of the MEme

We're aiming to create a short documentary on memes, exploring how they're made and consumed but also how they are sadly, often misused. In order to do this we really need your help to raise £700 of production funds to make this project happen!

Who we are

We are a team of five Film and Television production students from the University of York making a Short Documentary on Memes on our Group Film Third Year project.

why Memes?

Memes are a common form of communication in today's society, they tend to be used by the general public for entertainment purposes. However there are some people that take it that bit further and see memes as forms of art or even go as far as studying them in detail. Conversely there are those that misuse memes and turn them into symbols of hate. We wish to explore these two different sides of memes and how they greatly effect a world that currently doesn't take them seriously.

Where will your money go?

We will receive £500 from our university department however that doesn't cover all our costs therefore we really need you to give as much as you can to make this project memetastic!

  • Travel costs (among taxis and buses to visit contributors and transport equipment we're expecting to need to hire a van to travel down to London in order to interview some really cool people): £600
  • Catering (for crew and contributors during production, so that we don't starve): £300
  • Editing Software: £30
  • Hard drives and digital storage: £50
  • Licensing (we'd love to be able to gain the rights to show memes and use some great music): £100
  • Extra costs (films always end up costing a little bit extra when unexpected costs come up): £120


Here at The Dark Side of the Meme we think Memes are extremely important and believe that those that go in search of the dankest memes deserve to be rewarded. This is why if you contribute to our film we will award to with your Meme Ranking depending on your donation (each with its own unique badge) to acknowledge your hard work towards finding out the true memeing of life. Of course that's not all you'll receive, we have a large variety of meme related rewards for you to cash in on, including social media shout outs, personalised memes and a credit in the final cut.

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We need your help!

You are in no way obliged to give us money, it would also really help us out, if you could share our project with anyone that you think would find it interesting. We'd love it if you could show your support for the project by following and liking us on social media. Lastly, of course, if you can, we'd love it if you could give some money to make this project possible.