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The Porcelain Cradle - Short Film

A project by: Jenna Buesnel


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This project received pledges on Wed 17 Jan 2018
Every door is an illusion, every window is a lie...

The Porcelain Cradle follows Leto, a neurotic spinster with a depraved lust for love who dreams of having the perfect nuclear family, she is unable to control her compulsions and spirals into a state of delirium.

Our story hopes to examine (and maybe even challenge) how blackness and internal conflict, particularly with women, is dealt with in the horror genre.

Set in a timeless period with reference to the 1970’s and a soundscape inspired by the film of Lars von Trier we hope to transport you into a place where every door is an illusion, every window is a lie.

This is an ambitious project which we cannot make possible without your generosity.

Meet the Team

Where will your money go?

To give justice to our amazing script, we want to provide our audience with a unique, surreal visual experience. We have a vision for the world in which Leto lives, alone in a perfect suburbia. We have already secured a fantastic house in the centre of York but our production designer Amy has her eye on some fantastic set pieces and props which will really make our story come to life.

For our team this story means a lot and is a project where we can all showcase our unique skills in areas we are passionate in pursuing for future careers. Although we have the skills and determination to make this concept a reality, there’s a couple of extra things we are going to need, which can only happen with your support.

Whether it be to get the best actors or help in buying a fantastic vintage costume - we are grateful for any amount you can give.

Budget Breakdown

Set design and Props £300

Costumes £220

Makeup £120

Sound £60

Camera and Editing £100

Locations expenses £800

Transport £200

(Based on a budget of £1,800 )

Stay in the loop

We want to keep you up to date with all the exciting news during the pre-production phase and give you exclusive insights on the shoot itself. You can follow us on our social media platforms here:


Instagram (@theporcelaincradle)

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Thank you!