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The Launch of Thin Ice Press

A project by: Rachel Cameron-Potter


WE RAISED £6,295

from 148 donors

This project received pledges on Fri 14 Sep 2018

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Well done on making your first milestone and best of luck over the next 11 hours in getting to your final goal

May I have the print please :) So glad you made the funding deadline - congratulations!

You should reverse the order of the start years to make it easier for us old blighters

Very best wishes for such an exciting project... will there be a rolling press involved in the future...?!

Good luck with your fundraising :)

Looks like a fun project!

Great idea and looking forward to its fruition.

Good luck Thin Ice Press!

As a journalist (editor and writer) who began my career 40 years ago in the days of cow gum, galleys and typesetters, I would be interested in further involvement in this print project. I also work for Hay Festival which tirelessly promotes the written word (whether in books or kindle).

What a fantastic idea ! Drama posters, short run poetry collections,local history research - why not explore the early York printers ? Thomas Gent, Ann Ward, Francis Drake...what about modern illustrations - screen printing ? Litho ? The possibilities are endless. Best wishes

What a wonderful project! Best of luck with your initiative.