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York Centurions Fundraiser

A project by: Daniel Denby



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This project received pledges on Mon 12 Feb 2018
Help Improve York Centurions Player Safety and Development


The Club was founded 10 years ago about a group of sportsmen passionate about American Football. Since then, the club has grown every year, increasing it's membership and coaching staff. Over the last couple of years, the club has recorded back to back winning seasons for the first time in club history. The growth of the club has been impressive in the last 3 years and this year we are looking to build on this success and achieve promotion into Division 1. With a promising group of new players, a loaded coaching staff and an experienced group of returning players, the club is poised to have a big season.

But our current training equipment is dated and in need of replacement . To achieve our goals this season and beyond, the club needs to invest in superior training equipment.  Improving the quality of our on field practice equipment will not only improve the clubs ability to develop players, but also improve player safety.

Help keep PLAYERS SAFE and develop their skills

With just £1,500 we can make substantial improvements to the safety and quality of our practice equipment. American Football is a fast paced, hard hitting sport and as a result, practice equipment has a short shelf life!  Not only that but equipment is also undergoing a period of evolution in American Football, new engineering means reduced exposure to injury during practice. From robotic tackle dummies, to more realistic blocking shields, new innovations are changing the way the game is played. We want to keep up with the latest innovations which look to maximise player development, whilst also reducing the risk of injury to players.

This is where you can help . Your gifts will enable us to invest in this new wave of elite on-field practice equipment.  You can help us to develop our players in a safer, more realistic way, limiting exposure to injury. Improving the quality of practice equipment, will improve the quality of our practices and will aid us in our push for promotion.

Where will the money go?

You can help us get hold of the equipment essentials that we need - here's our shopping list:

  • A Lineman Chute - £130
  • Dummy Arms - £120
  • Step Over Dummies - £75 x2
  • Forearm Shields - £80 x2
  • Wrap and Grip Tackle Dummies - £300
  • Pop Up Tackle Dummies - £600
  • Snap Simulation Sticks - £40 x2
  • Speed Trainers - £20


We want to thank you for your generosity, so check out our rewards.  Every donor will receive our monthly eNewsletter that will be emailed to them from the club. This will keep you up to date with fixtures, results and how the equipment is making a difference.


For more updates on the club, follow us on social media (our Twitter is hilarious). We also have Instagram and Facebook , which we will update regularly during the season.