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British National Skydiving Championships 2014

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Get York to the British National Skydiving Competition for the first time

Your Project

We are the University of York Skydiving Club (UYSC) and we offer skydiving to all students at the University. The club encourages progression as a solo skydiver and then onto Formation Skydiving with friends. Since the club was founded almost 20 years ago we have, for the first time, a team of 4 York students qualified as formation skydivers and we’d like to enter University team in the British National Skydiving Championships. This is the biggest skydiving competition in the world, last year there were over 300 skydivers competing from all over the world!

This project is extremely important to us as it will be the first time we can showcase our skills in a competition, something which is readily available to most other University sports clubs. It will give new and current members the goal for all their hard work and will inspire them to keep training hard. We also hope that it will increase awareness of our club and the sport.

In the photo below you can see the team members in the plane (with a friend) climbing to the giddy heights of 15,000ft for a fun formation jump! From front to back: Liam Goddard, Carmen Sumadiwiria, Lucy Ford (left), Amelia Collins (right) and Thomas Chan.


Why we need your support ...

We need funding to enable us to enter the competition. Due to the nature of the sport the entrance fees are too steep for students.

Our minimum target of £800 will cover the entrance fees for the whole team of students and get us on our way!  We’ll cover transport and accommodation during the weekend ourselves.

If, with your help, we can reach £2,000 we will be able to fund further training to improve our performance. £100 per team skydive and £100 per 10 minutes wind tunnel session. 

Money Isn't Everything

Even if you feel you’re unable to donate please click the 'I want to help' button to share this project with as many people as possible.

Want to experience skydiving yourself?

All our rewards are designed to bring you closer to the world of free fall! But for one lucky person we are offering the chance to experience this first hand. If we reach our target of £2000 then one lucky donator will be chosen at random to receive a skydive for themselves. You’ll get to see why we love this sport so much!

We’d like to say a massive thanks in advance for any help you can give us :)

2 years, 10 months ago

HALF WAY! Thank you everyone who has donated and spread our cause to get this far. All your effort is very much appreciated. But we're still not there yet, as our ultimate goal of £2000 is still a way off.

If we can just get £440 more we can afford kit hire for the team, helping us complete nationals and stay alive.

So anyone who hasn't donated yet, remember, if you do you will quite literally have saved our lives.

We thank you for it.

YuFund matchfunded £960

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Good luck !!

Good Luck :-)

Have fun Amelia! From the Llewellyn family

Good luck Amelia. I hope you have a fantastic time. All the best, Jason

Hope it all goes well for you and the team Amelia.

York Skydiving 2 x £50 - Lap & Rachel Chan

Rachel Chan

Have a fabulous time Amelia, and good luck to the whole team in the competition.

Good Luck Amelia, hope you have a brilliant time

Knitting needles next time Amelia!

Well done Lucy and all the best for the British national skydiving team competition

you must be mad but have a great time.

Good luck and have a great time.

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