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Women's Rugby Development Squad

A project by: Samantha Crichton


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This project received pledges on Mon 12 Jan 2015

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From Katie's mum. X

Good luck ladies! I started playing rugby at York Uni and still at it 20 years later, it's the best sport.

All power to the Black and Gold. Fabulous pitch, fabulous team.

From the Dad

Good luck ladies.

Lots and love, nanny and grandad Jennings x

Good luck girls ... love dogrib

Good luck team.

Really proud of you all for doing rugby good. York Women's Rugby is such a tremendous team and I am so honoured to have been a part of it!!!! Hope my support helps towards your final goal!!! Moff xx

Yaaaay go UYWRUFC!

Best wishes

I've seen many appeals and this is the first one that has really got my attention. Very well put together and thought through yet specific and everything university sport should be about. Best of luck!

A friend posted you ad on Facebook...just what Uni sport should be about...love the fact that you want to include as many as possible in the fun of the away trips. fantastic job on the video...good luck :)

Good Luck with the fund raising.