Take the York Horntails to the European Cup

A project by: Simon Jessop


WE RAISED £1,410

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We're fundraising to take our champion quadball team to their major tournament in France!

OUr mission

Hi, we are the York Horntails Quadball team, and we are looking for funding to attend the European Quadball Cup in Golbey, France at the end of April. We just won the Northern regional competition for the first time in our history which means that we have qualified for the European competition and get a chance to represent York abroad. This fundraiser aims to make this amazing opportunity as accessible as possible to our members & we'd love for you to become part of our mission!


Quadball is an all-gender, full contact sport where two teams of 6 have 4 chasers working to score goals with the volleyball, and two beaters using dodgeballs to knock players out. The game ends when a seeker from one of the two teams takes a tag from a referee. Gameplay is fast and dynamic and has a quick substitution format with players playing about two to three minutes before substituting. While the sport is rooted in quidditch from Harry Potter, it has grown in the last 15 years to be a competitive sport played in over 25 countries around the world.


As a team and sport, we accept people for who they are- we are one of only a handful of all-gender team sports that are committed to including trans and nonbinary players on all levels of casual and competitive play, leading to a high rate of LGBTQ+ inclusions in our team. We also have many people who have never played any sort of competitive sport before, particularly due to barriers based on gender, body-type and neurodivergence. This is part of what makes this opportunity so exciting, as we will be giving our members a chance they never thought they would ever have – the chance to play sport on an international stage! By supporting us you will be fulfilling a dream that our members will have never thought possible until now and we will be eternally grateful for you helping us to get over the line!


Every penny you donate will go to paying for our transport and accommodation in France over the 28th, 29th and 30th of April. The costs run up to around £300 per player, with around £250 spent on transport to Golbey with a further £50 spent on accommodation. All money raised will be divided equally among the group who are able to go to the competition with our target being to subsidise half of transport/accommodation costs for a full roster of 21 players. 

As it stands, many of our members are really struggling to find the money to get to their first international sports tournament & it would be absolutely heartbreaking if this opportunity was made inaccessible to them. Therefore it would mean a lot to us if you can spare some money to help us achieve our dream of proving that anyone can play sport internationally regardless of who they are or how much experience they've had.


Whether or not you are helping fund us, please look us up and share our mission online! We will post regular updates about our activities and progress towards making our ambition possible.