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This project received pledges on Fri 24 Jun 2016

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Hi everyone - Well done on raising so much so quickly. It will soon be 30 years since Mark Watts and I were recruiting our first members of the new York Student Vision newspaper society. We weren't sure there would be a first issue let alone a 30th year. While I'm providing a little of what you are seeking today, I'm also pledging to you the balance of the £2,000 not raised by the end of today - so well done - you've done it. Drop me a line on nevell@tiscali.co.uk and we'll go on from there. Best wishes to you.

Great memories of Vision years. Best of luck!

I wrote the odd article for Vision and later became a newspaper journalist. Hence I have a fondness for old-fashioned print media. I also spent a lot of time at York working for York Student Television. It would be a real shame to see media on campus die out through lack of funds.

Hope you get to the target!

I was technical director and then photographic director for Vision in the early years, when we had no office and exactly one Mac we lugged around campus upon which Vision's tabloid glory was created (Nouse still did everything with typewriters). It would be a real shame for the paper to fold (sorry) at this point.

Good luck!

Happy to help. I run a newspaper called the Star in Nairobi.

Good luck! When I was briefly a teacher one of my charges later (much later) became deputy Editor of the Sun - so reach for the sky....!

Used to write for Vision - can't imagine it not being there in paper form! Good luck, chaps.

As a former Vision writer, happy to help keep the presses rolling. Keep up the good work

Back in '94, you reported that critics saying I was "disorganised, undemocratic and a misogynist". I continue to act on that feedback :-) All the best in reporting campus politics for many years to come.

Good luck with the campaign. Vision did great work back in the dark ages when I was at York.

I was a student when Vision was founded due to a dispute over Nouse not covering an expose of the Socialist Workers (if I rightly recall!). It was a great newspaper then and I've been pleased to see it and Nouse continue to do well. Good luck.

Good luck to the best student paper around x

Brilliant video guys! Good luck with the campaign.

Hope you make it guys