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Let there be Light - Raising Money for YSTV's Lighting Rig

A project by: York Student Television


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This project received pledges on Sun 05 Apr 2015
Don't keep us in the dark - a year ago our rig was condemned, but the shows must go on!

What we want to do

- We're looking to raise a minimum of £3500 in order to buy and install a new lighting rig for our studio. 

- A rig is one of the most fundamental pieces of kit for our society and following the emergency removal of our previous one, after almost 20 years, we'd love to make our beloved station well-equipped and safe for future members.

Who we are

- YSTV is an award-winning TV station run entirely by students, for students, at the University of York. Put simply, we make telly and have crazy adventures while doing it.

- However, we're not just built on current members. We're a family with an alumni network extending across 48 years. We have an incredibly rich past history, and want to give YSTV the best future we can.

our story

- In December 2013, YSTV’s studio lighting grid was condemned upon the discovery that for the last 20 years it had been attached to the ceiling by wood-screws and prayers. If you're reading this as alumni, feel free to have a panic attack right about now. Whilst it's wonderful that the danger was eliminated, its removal has had a hugely detrimental effect on our society. 

- It is a real struggle to use alternatives without getting them in shot, 'lighting' is currently not available as a crew position or point of training, and we have an area rather depressingly named the 'lighting graveyard' taking up a lot of space in the studio. Given how many members we have recruited this year and the number of productions spawned, it's a huge shame for our lighting (or lack thereof) to let them down.

- As we get increasingly closer to our 50th Anniversary, producing high quality (and sometimes nationally award-winning) material, and having a fantastic time whilst making telly, has never been more important. Please help us enhance our members' student experience for another 50 years.

- By donating money you will be returning studio shows to their former glory, providing training opportunities for new members, keeping us safe and investing in a long-term lighting legacy. Here's to another 20 years of light!

Where will the money go?

We have tendered quotations from several companies to install a new, free-standing lighting grid that will be safe to use, portable enough to move with us if we ever change studio and should last us several decades or more. 

If we reach our full target of £7560 we'll be able to get a grid covering almost all of the studio, professionally installed.

If we raise £3500 we can purchase the pieces for a basic rig and install it ourselves.

If we exceed our target, spare funds will be used to further improve the specifications of the rig, and we'll be able to buy additional lanterns for it. 


We have some exciting rewards to add to that warm fuzzy feeling you'll get for donating - from a signed thank you card or a personalised video, to having your name engraved on a plaque commemorating the rig, to even having a piece of the old one sent to you as a souvenir! 

The highest donor will get to name the rig or have it named after them, and a record of this will take pride of place on the commemorative plaque. We will also be producing a live show to use and celebrate the rig, which you could appear on or help to crew. Check out the rewards for more details.

Find us here

- Check out our website here: ystv.co.uk, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@YSTV) to find out how we're doing!

Help us succeed!

- You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us; on Twitter, Facebook, by email, telephone, in a chat on the tube (you may get an odd look for making human contact) or by any other means you can think of! The more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.

- We did just say that you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.

2 years, 3 months ago

That's it - it's a wrap! Our YuStart Campaign is now finished. An absolutely massive thank you to everyone who has helped, shared the page and donated to the project: because of you, we will be getting a fantastic, safe new lighting rig to light YSTV's shows for generations to come! 

It really will be a lighting legacy, and we can't wait to get it up in the studio, and to send out all the rewards over the second half of summer term.

It may change slightly based on gift-aid, but tonight the final total, following a crazy stream of donations from those who must love time pressure, is a whopping £6150! We are absolutely over-the-moon - thank you!

2 years, 3 months ago

With only three days to go, we've reached the final push for the campaign! A heartfelt thanks once again to everyone who has helped so far. If you can spare a moment over the next couple of days to give the page a final share, tweet or shout-out that would be hugely appreciated, and hopefully it shouldn't be too long before our rig dreams become a reality.

We had a great time at NaSTA 2015, winning 'Highly Commended Best Technical' for our homemade autocue, and if you want to get a feel for what everyone has been up to at the Station recently, check out this year's Best Broadcaster: https://ystv.co.uk/watch/nasta-2015/bestbroadcaster2015/  

As you can see, the rig will be going to a very loving home, with a lot of slightly crazy but very passionate people.

Thanks again from us all!

2 years, 4 months ago

Just over two weeks left on the campaign! Having hit our minimum goal, every donation we now get will directly improve the rig by literally buying more pieces to increase the size of it. If we manage to move from £3500 to £5500 we'll be increasing our rig from a basic four-footed structure to it's maximum size, with approximately eight stands, covering most of the studio. So even though it won't be professionally installed, hitting this middle goal will still be getting us our ideal rig. Thanks so much to anyone who is able to help push us forward to £5500 and the maximum rig size, by sharing the campaign/asking at work/convincing strangers to donate to bizarre causes!

2 years, 4 months ago

Yesterday we reached our minimum of £3500 - today we continue pushing towards our main goal to raise £7650 by the 5th of April. Every donation will directly improve the standard of the rig. 

Here's an update from our team, and we'd love it if you could give it a share: https://ystv.co.uk/watch/yustart/rig-update/

Thanks once again. It's been your support that has gotten us this far. 

2 years, 4 months ago

Extremely happy to say that we are now just £149 away from definitely being able to get a lighting rig! 

Thanks so much to all our donors, and to everyone who has shared their enthusiasm for YSTV over social media and in life in general. By the time we start next term we'll know our rig-based destiny for certain - 21 days left. 

And we're also very excited to be going along to raise a glass to YSTV (and to 48 years of student television) on the 20th March at The Yorkshire Grey in London (WC1X 8PN). 

Here are the details in case you haven't already come across them - would love to see you there!

The Grapevine article: http://uoygrapevineonline.com/…/ystv-2015-alumni-reunion-c…/

The Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1548378945406174/

2 years, 4 months ago

A massive thanks to all our new donors at ystv.co.uk/rig - we're now 75% of the way to our minimum and 34% to our main target - that's just £1000 until we'll definitely be able to get a rig! 

We even have a shiny new article up on Grapevine to celebrate: http://tinyurl.com/legd3qp - if you're alumni you might just spot yourself in the photos.

Massive thanks to Greg Ebdon, Steve Perring, Michael Prior-Jones and Kevin Bowman for their memories of YSTV, and to anyone else who has commented since then. If you can spare a moment to share the cause or send some reminiscences about your time at the station that would be hugely appreciated, and we'd love to hear them!

2 years, 4 months ago

We're now over our £2000 mark, and 29% of the way towards getting a wonderful, safe new lighting rig for YSTV! As you can see, we're all ecstatic, and so grateful to everyone who has donated or shared the campaign so far. We've been particularly overwhelmed by the incredible amount of alumni support, and fond memories you've shared with us. Please help us to keep this momentum going, so we can light up YSTV's future shows for generations to come. 

2 years, 5 months ago

Today we smashed our £1000 mark! Thanks so much to everyone who has shared the campaign so far, to all our incredible donors (we already have several names to engrave on the plaque) and to everyone else who has kept the little flame of love for YSTV burning all these years. We're now 17% of the way towards getting a professional rig! 

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Good luck guys :) Only request from me - one of the rewards on my tier was to be on the commemorative plaque. Could I replace my name with "Helen Hobin" instead please? Being honest, that makes far more sense to me! Thanks :)

I trust that the full target will be met. YSTV was great to be involved with in the late 80's, with a world record breaking show and filming a student loan demo being my highlights

Good luck with the fundraising - look forward to seeing the new rig. Nigel Smith (former YSTV Director)

Here's to many more years of student TV, even more beautifully lit! YSTV gave us friends for life, our careers and of course each other so it is a pleasure to be able to give something back. Best of luck with the appeal, Jonathan and Kate Bufton (2002-5)

Without my YSTV experience, I basically wouldn't have the career I love so much! This donation is also in thanks that the godawful old lighting rig never fell on me... Or on anybody during my time as SD!

I hope YSTV are recording the details of all the people sponsoring this for the 50th anniversary in a couple of years time!

To all at YSTV, I hope you're all well, and recovering from Election Night which I believe was last week sometime? Hope it went really well. I'm sure I don't need to say this but YSTV is an absolutely incredible place, filled with wonderful people. If your time there ends up being anything like mine was, YSTV might help shape your career, give you life long best friends, provide you with lots of obscure facts about yourself for those future corporate ice breakers, and provide some of the best memories you'll have of your time at York. Work hard and make sure you get everything you possibly can out of your degree, but also keep challenging yourself to make amazing programmes and do things differently... It might end up being more important than you could imagine! Good luck with the project, at NaSTA and to all of you for the future. Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you soon. Sarah Cheyne Commercial Director, Head of Presentation and co-producer of Limited Edition 2005-2008

The lighting rig is quite dear to my heart - I was involved in getting the electrics sorted out in 2002 so that we could have lights that could be dimmed (previously they'd been digital. On or off...) so it surprises me to learn that those lengths of steel studding I was assured went into the steel frame of Goodricke Nucleus actually didn't... Anyway, here's to many more years of programme making!

Good luck all!

Good luck YSTV! Lots of love, the master of Light himself.