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Let there be Light - Raising Money for YSTV's Lighting Rig

A project by: York Student Television


WE RAISED £6,285

from 51 donors

This project received pledges on Sun 05 Apr 2015

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Good luck guys :) Only request from me - one of the rewards on my tier was to be on the commemorative plaque. Could I replace my name with "Helen Hobin" instead please? Being honest, that makes far more sense to me! Thanks :)

I trust that the full target will be met. YSTV was great to be involved with in the late 80's, with a world record breaking show and filming a student loan demo being my highlights

Good luck with the fundraising - look forward to seeing the new rig. Nigel Smith (former YSTV Director)

Here's to many more years of student TV, even more beautifully lit! YSTV gave us friends for life, our careers and of course each other so it is a pleasure to be able to give something back. Best of luck with the appeal, Jonathan and Kate Bufton (2002-5)

Without my YSTV experience, I basically wouldn't have the career I love so much! This donation is also in thanks that the godawful old lighting rig never fell on me... Or on anybody during my time as SD!

I hope YSTV are recording the details of all the people sponsoring this for the 50th anniversary in a couple of years time!

To all at YSTV, I hope you're all well, and recovering from Election Night which I believe was last week sometime? Hope it went really well. I'm sure I don't need to say this but YSTV is an absolutely incredible place, filled with wonderful people. If your time there ends up being anything like mine was, YSTV might help shape your career, give you life long best friends, provide you with lots of obscure facts about yourself for those future corporate ice breakers, and provide some of the best memories you'll have of your time at York. Work hard and make sure you get everything you possibly can out of your degree, but also keep challenging yourself to make amazing programmes and do things differently... It might end up being more important than you could imagine! Good luck with the project, at NaSTA and to all of you for the future. Looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you soon. Sarah Cheyne Commercial Director, Head of Presentation and co-producer of Limited Edition 2005-2008

The lighting rig is quite dear to my heart - I was involved in getting the electrics sorted out in 2002 so that we could have lights that could be dimmed (previously they'd been digital. On or off...) so it surprises me to learn that those lengths of steel studding I was assured went into the steel frame of Goodricke Nucleus actually didn't... Anyway, here's to many more years of programme making!

Good luck all!

Good luck YSTV! Lots of love, the master of Light himself.