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YSTV Goes Forward - 5 For 50!

A project by: York Student TV


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This project received pledges on Sun 07 Jan 2018

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Congrats - YSTV has and will continue to be important to so many who have gone on to work in media or related areas and learned part of the art of communication from this great resource at the heart of a modern university. Thanks to everyone who joined in and made this campaign work. www.robmcloughlin.com

How could I not help. Almost 30 years after graduating and thanks to YSTV I have managed to avoid getting a "proper job". I am sure many more YSTV members will go on to work in the media as I have. Keith

YSTV wasn't - and clearly still isn't - just about making TV. It was also about how you have to be entrepreneurial to keep the station going. The experience I had at YSTV - and URY -gave me skills I am using to this day.... looking forward to the next 50 years of YSTV!

Well done YSTV on 50 years production. Being part of it in 1985-7 gave me so many great memories, and friends. We borrowed money (£5000 funnily enough) back then from the University to build the first colour TV studio, in PX001, That gave us the sort of springboard that I hope this crowdfunding gives you now - good luck to you! Chris Huggett.

Happy Birthday YSTV! What an amazing accomplishment to have achieved 50 glorious years of entertaining and informing University of York students. Here is to many more wonderful years.