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Boat Club Sponsored Erg

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We need a bigger trailer!!

We’re the University of York Boat Club and we hope that you can help us achieve our goal.

Prompted by the success of team GB in the 2012 Olympics our club, one of the oldest at York in our 50th year, has experienced a five fold increase in sign up as more students than ever want to get involved.

This is a great opportunity for the club and will help us unveil new talent to enable us to compete at the next level.  But it has put a strain on our resources and currently we can’t give everyone the chance to row.

To do this we need more boats and a larger trailer in order to take more crews to Regattas and GB trials. The club has received a grant for racking so we now for the first time have the possibility of purchasing singles to give members the opportunity to learn to scull.

Our Project

'ERG21' aims to provide more boats for training and competition, and a larger trailer in order to enable us to take more crews to Regattas and GB trials.  

In particular we need a single scull to enable Steph and other future female candidates to train for the GB trials.

As this is our 50th year the whole boat club is getting together to fundraise and we’d like to get you involved wherever you are.

On campus we will be holding a sponsored event on 21 May 'ERG21' will see students from the Boat Club on rowing machines running non-stop from 7am-7pm and we have set ourselves the ambitious target of rowing virtually to Henley – 270km!  We’ve chosen this distance as one of the main events for the club is Henley Women's and Henley Royal Regatta.  

The high cost of rowing competitively and maintaining club equipment means that it is very difficult to fund larger projects such as new boats and trailers ourselves. We have recently been support by YuFund with a grant for outside racking which gives the club the long awaited opportunity to expand our fleet and give members the chance to learn to scull as well as row.

Where will the money go and what will it mean? 

With new boats and a bigger trailer, more members will have the opportunity to learn to scull and get full benefit of being an active part of UYBC with all that means in terms of teamwork and experience.

A single scull will cost £1000 and so we’ve set this as our minimum target.

The club currently owns one men's competitor single and but we have no womens boat – which is preventing Steph from reaching her potential in getting to GB trials in 2014/15).

£2000 will buy a high performance single scull

£6,000 will get us a new DeGraaf trailer (retail £6,414)

We’ve devised some great rewards to thank you for your donations.  From a personal card to your name on a boat – there’s something for everyone!  

Money Isn't Everything

If you can be there on the day of our event – so much the better.

We would also like to ask for help. Help with funding targets by sharing the page, volunteering at the event on campus at Yorspace on 21 May.

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for your time and contributions :)









3 years ago


rowathon bride

3 years ago


UYBC has currently raised £4384 following a big boost to the project from the 24 hour Rowathon in York train station. We powered through and even got some help from members of the public (mainly brides-to-be) finally completing 428,834m and raising £892.40 towards our £6,000 target! One day to go, please share our project on social media and help us reach our goal! Thank you everyone x

3 years ago

We are 3 hours into our 24 hour Rowathon! Go UYBC! 50km completed already. Go on dig deep.

Rowing love x

3 years, 1 month ago

Hello Hello!
Thank you to everyone that has donated so far and to all the helpers as well :) We are well on our way towards our target but the last 7 days are crucial, so lets all come together for this last push. Power 10!
We have been a little quiet on here due to race season hotting up, with each squad in finals at Nottingham City regatta, 4 wins at Durham regatta and the Senior Women qualifying in the academic eights category at Henley Women's regatta!
We are now back in York after a successful Regatta season and looking to promote the club into next year. Off the back of a successful 12 hour erg the club will now aim to complete a 24 hour erg (rowathon!!) in York train station!
If you have already donated please share the page on your facebook or as an email. If you are a helper please send an email to 10 friends, family or work colleagues asking for their support.
The more people we reach the more likely we are to get our target... you never know who might be interested and every little helps.
Rowing love

3 years, 2 months ago

Thank you everyone that has donated so far! The erg went fantastically and as a club we ended up completing 341km smashing our original target of 270km. We had so many club members participate on the day and fantastic support from everyone! The cake sale was a great success raising more than £150 to be split between the project and York RAG.
Please get your sponsorship in asap and watch this space for more events and updates from UYBC! 

3 years, 2 months ago

We did it! Uybc have rowed to Henley in 9h 45min! We will now see how far we can get in 12hrs. Thank you so much to those that have already donated! We are pushing hard for you :)

3 years, 2 months ago

We are 8 hours into our sponsored erg and 217km on the way from York to Henley (that is past Peterborough)!! The sun is shining, the cake is delicious and the rowers are glistening! Get down to Yourspace asap!!

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Good to support my old club, good luck!

Great effort Jamie and team. Enjoy a successful season. Kevin & Rachel

good luck

In lieu of no membership money from me this year!

Good luck with the fundraising, look forward to seeing you at the next event

You guys are the absolute best ever ever ever! Row Row Row! Fun Fun Fun! Dog Dog Dog! - Love Alice F x

Good Luck - Keep on Rowing!

Good luck guys! You're doing this at the best time possible and I'm sure you'll make your target!

We hit £1000 YEAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Go for it William

Good luck Steph

Good luck