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The Inkverse Anthology

A project by: Inklings Creative Writing Society



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This project received pledges on Sun 12 Apr 2015
Let us take you to a whole new world! The York Inklings brings you the Inkverse Anthology!

Project in a nutshell

Our aim is to create an anthology of short pieces written by our society members set within our collaboratively made world, allowing our members to see their work in print and us to share our ideas and what we love with all of you.

Who we are

We are the Inklings, the University of York's only Creative Writing Society. We are a student run society determined to encourage and bring out the most of our members' creativity in a form we all love, writing! We have a wide range of talents and styles, from poetry to prose, from horror to children tales. Our members are willing to turn their hands to anything in the literary world with some wonderful, some disastrous and some truly hilarious results!

Our project story

Last term, the Inklings decided on the project of building a world as a group. Any writer will know the difficulty of creating a truly original setting and we took on that challenge with the help of all our members. Collaboratively the members of Inklings pooled their ideas and created Inkverse, a world encompassing four main literary genres and a lot more besides. This last academic term we have challenged our members to give us their best writing set within the Inkverse, be it a poem, prose, recipes, tourist guide, newspaper article - all is acceptable! Now we would love to share this great and wonderful world of writing with you!

The Inkverse Anthology provides a valuable opportunity for our writers to submit their writing for inspection, to understand the editorial process and to see their work in print, something all writers dream of. Even more than that, it gives them an opportunity to share their writing and passion with people outside the Inklings and York University. Inkverse is our opportunity to inspire more people into writing and discovering just what it is we as a society love about this creative process of putting pen to paper (or hand to keyboard!).

Where will the money go?

All money raised will go towards binding and printing our anthology professionally, with a little spent on postage and packaging. We are hoping for a 50+ page booklet and around 50-60 copies for our members, family and friends and anyone else in the university and out who may wish to view our work and be involved in the Inklings. Should things really take off and we get more than our target we shall add the illustrations produced by our members to go with their literary genius! 

We want to keep all our sponsors involved so we will be updating hopefully every two weeks on progress of the project and hopefully some funny outtakes from the video for you all to enjoy, plus thank yous from the committee.

Don't forget we have some fabulous rewards to give to those who donate that we are eager to share!

Find us here!

Follow us and find out what we are doing and how the project is progressing! Not to mention a few sneak peaks!




Help us succeed!

Please share this project with anyone you think might supports us, or anyone you think may be interested in the finished Anthology! The more people who know the more likely we are to succeeded and be able to share what we love with the world. So please sponsor the Inkverse anthology and help us make our world truly come to life!

2 years, 3 months ago

We did it!!!!!

The weeks are up and thanks to all of your support has paid off! With your help the Inkverse Anthology raised an amazing £200. With this we will be able to put together a full, glossy anthology of our members writing, from the bizarre to the thoughtful and the funny to the tearful. We should be able to include any illustrations we have as well thanks to your generous donations!

Our committee is busy, busy as always preparing rewards for all of our sponsors. However, because exams are taking more out of everyone than we though it is likely that some rewards may be delayed by some weeks. More specific information will be available later.

We want to give you all a big thank you for letting our vision have a chance to come true! 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

2 years, 3 months ago

Well here it is, the final stretch! Just one week left to go in our wonderful campaign. One week! 

Its time to roll up our sleeves and knuckle down for the final stretch. £170 is good but we can do better! So please, please tell your family, your friends, your frenamies, casual acquaintances and any one you happen to like the look of in the streets, to give to the Inkverse Anthology and help us reach our final target! Together we can do it!

We have continued to receive some amazing applications for our anthology and can't wait to start sharing them with you! Thank you poems and other rewards are being diligently hand crafted from the devious minds of our Inkverse elves, who have cleverly disguised themselves as the committee.

So please keep giving! We will keep on writing!

One week to go!

2 years, 4 months ago

Wow! Two weeks and already we are over a third of the way there! But we cant stop here and the Inklings Committee are committed to raising the full £300 to produce the best Anthology available. 

We have had some amazing submission to the Anthology from our members, ranging from poems to short stories. We even have some illustrations to add in to make the Anthology even more amazing!

Thank you poems are in the works for those that have already donated!

Only four more weeks to go!

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