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Beat the Buzz: turn URY Digital

A project by: University Radio York ((URY))


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This project received pledges on Fri 19 Jun 2015
8 years, 7 months ago

Hi Everyone!

A new term is just about to start and thanks to the amazing donations from everyone, it'll be a new term where URY is internally going to be digital!

We're currently working on getting all the rewards out to all of you that will be awaiting them (We've tried the t shirts out and they're actually rather flattering) so the others should be arriving soon, then once they're in we'll work on getting them all sent out.

We'll have a longer video update, showing you all our fancy new boxes and where they are in the studio very soon, once term has begun and URY has fully reformed for another year of making radio and of course, having a lot of fun while doing it.

And of course, if you happen to be in York and want a trip down memory lane and check out the studios, just ask!


Alex Light

Station Manager

8 years, 10 months ago

Hi Everyone!

A quick update now we are just over one week in. We’ve blown away by the response we had on launch day, and the word is beginning to get out there to alumni, friends and members.

So please keep sharing, tweeting, and generally pestering everyone you know who might be able to give, or just might have an interest in what we are doing here.

To answer a couple of questions, firstly, why Focusrite? Well, over the past year or two we’ve built up a really good relationship with them, they make really high quality equipment, and two of our recent members work there. This has enabled us to beta test a couple of their newer systems at events they have got involved with. It also means consistency within our setup so things should all work nicely.

Secondly, What’s happened to the studio? In 2011, it was entirely rebuilt thanks to grants from the Alumni Association, which is what has funded us so far in the project, with a new custom built desk, Sonifex S2 broadcast mixer, some fancy touch screens and a few other bits and bobs. Most recently over Easter we started setting up HD cameras for visualisation, and had a bit of a clear out, which is why the room is a little bare at the moment.

If you’d like to come and visit any time, then you are more than welcome, just get in contact.

So to finish, thank you SO much to everyone who has donated and supported so far, but we’re not there yet - so please help spread the word and get all your friends to help too!

Assistant Station Manager