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Kate and the Cosmonaut

A project by: Aleksandra Rojek


WE RAISED £2,500

from 48 donors

This project received pledges on Wed 08 Jan 2020
4 years, 5 months ago

We made it to our minimum target! This is so unbelievable, thank you all so much for your generous help! This means that now we have the money to pay for our locations and start sourcing props and costume! 

However, we are still trying to reach the end goal of £2500 which will allow us to go that extra mile with costume and set design. Our Production Designer Oscar has some great things in mind! So please keep spreading the word!

4 years, 5 months ago

We are over 60% of the way through! We are over the moon with all your support, thank you so much! You are all an integral part of this journey and we cannot wait to share the rest of it with you. We will do our very best to do your faith and generosity justice. :)

Please keep in touch through our social media and please keep spreading the word!

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Email: kateandthecosmonautfilm@gmail.com