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Five years in, we're determined to keep publishing books for five more, and beyond!

The Looking Glass

- We are a student society at the University of York that publishes an annual literary anthology. All of our writers, editors, publicists, designers and production team are students.

- The Looking Glass Anthology (est. 2009) was the first creative writing anthology for students at this university, with volume one printed the following year. A new edition has been printed every year since, growing in size from 23 to 57 submissions printed, and coming to be produced by students from a range of academic departments. The anthology collects original poems, fiction, plays and other forms of creative writing and runs a competition to find unique artwork for its cover.

- This anthology is an excellent oppurtunity for great writers to have their work published in a high-quality anthology. The process of editing, proof-reading, publicising, designing and producing a published book is extremely enjoyable and also invaluable for students interested in publishing and media careers - but this isn't just about learning skills for the future, we're passionate about what we are creating now

Volume Five Project

- We are in the midst of producing our fifth volume, we have had great success for the past four years and our goal now is to ensure that the anthology is still going strong for the years to come. Last year we made the jump from printing to publishing and this year we plan to make the jump from being a free publication to a self-sufficient project that can continue to grow year in year out.

- We are asking you to support this goal by helping us to raise the funds we need to print more copies that we have in previous years, the profits of which will go back into the society and directly towards the success of next year's volume six!

 - The vast majority of the money we raise will go towards the printing costs, aside from this a portion will go towards publicity, so that we can ensure that our high quality publication reaches the audience it deserves and the rest will go towards a launch event for writers, editors and donors. 

Do you want to support us?

- If you like what we're doing, please do donate what you can, but we would also love for you to be involved in the anthology by sharing this campaign and the anthology generally. Follow us on Twitter (@LookingGlassYRK) and follow our blog ( to keep track of what we're doing and please share and help us spread the word!

"My favourite thing about the meetings is that it not only gives me the opportunity to read interesting poems and stories from other people at York, but that I also learn a lot about other people’s responses to literature when discussing the texts." - Courtney Garner, Editorial Team

"The Looking Glass Anthology demonstrates beautifully the way the young person thinks and feels, this anthology is not merely for individual artistic recognition of writerly talent, it can help us understand the consequences of living in this multifaceted world." - The Zahir

3 years, 2 months ago

Well, hey there!

Last Friday our YuStart project came to and end; we have succesfully raised £611, so we will be printing, publishing and celebrating Volume Five. 

Hopefully all sponsors have received an email of thanks and with some information about rewards; if you've sponsored and have not heard from us, please do email us at and we'll sort it out!

By the end of this week we are planning to have our final contents page for Volume Five sorted and so next monday we will be going into proofreading and production - we'll keep you posted all the way from here to publication.

A massive thank you for all of your support!


3 years, 3 months ago

Good Evening!

We're getting close to the end of our YuStart campaign, so a massive thank you to everyone who has pledged so far! We have just £34 to go until we reach our minimum target and we need to reach this target in order for use to recieve all the pledges that have been given so far.

If there's someone who you think would like to support this project, you have until midnight on Friday to get them on board! And remember, any pledges that we get over our minium of £400, the more extra special we can make Volume Five!

Once again, we are so thankful for your support.

'I'm watching freshers take the lead;
their parents trail, arms laden with boxes and bags,
wheeling cases - the next year unpacked
from mum and dad's car boot.'
- from Week O, Luke Connolley, soon to be published in Volume 5. 

3 years, 3 months ago

Hello there, all you wonderful supporters,

Thank you for helping us to make Volume 5 the best it can be!

Since this project started we've been continuing to work hard as an editorial team to make this volume the best it can be. We currently have 24 confirmed pieces in the anthology, with the outcome of 56 submissions still to be decided – it’s shaping up to be a great one!

We’re so appreciative of your support and would love it if you could keep on sharing this project over the next couple of weeks, we’re relying on this crowdfund to produce Volume 5.

Thanks again, stay excellent!

‘The cold was biting into his chest. Spring had come, they told them, and a patrol had to be organised. There were paths that needed walking and posts that needed resupply. He had seen spring. That was not it. The snow was knee-high, and the Thirteen-damned hills and becks of this blasted place were turned into icy traps for unwary feet. But his eyes were always peeled and his sword was always ready to fly.’ – from Eyes Wide Open, Rodastin Nanov, soon to be published in Volume 5.

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A wonderful project! Wish it existed back in my day. Keep up the good work!

Viva Looking Glass!