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Send The Lemon Press to SPANC17

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Help send The Lemon Press Committee to Leeds to Win Best Publication at the #SPANC17 Awards!


Hi! We're The Lemon Press, the University of York's resident satire magazine and artisanal biscuit producer. Just joking about that: we don't know anything about satire. We are a society of 43 satirists, and we've been nominated for Best Specialist Publication AND Best Publication at the Student Publication Association National Conference. We'd love to be able to attend this year to represent the quality of student media in York. What's more, we're the only media society in York to have been nominated for these prestigious awards.

Prove it.


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Where will the money go?

Each ticket to the awards ceremony is £55. Quite why they're so mind-bogglingly expensive we don't know. There better be some seriously good sausage rolls on the buffet though. We would like to send 8 members from last year's committee (the best committee ever to have graced The Lemon Press) to Leeds for the occasion.

How will i know if you win?

We will live-tweet the entire event @thelemonpress (https://twitter.com/thelemonpress). You'll probably also see us around campus: we'll be the people looking unduly self-righteous.

How will this affect me?

We will continue to produce quality content, which will significantly improve your chances of finding love, happiness, and contentment in this cold and empty world.

Can i read some of your satire?

Depends. Are you on the naughty list? Oh you are? Well, that's alright then: https://thelemonpress.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/thelemonpress/

What else will you get if you go?

Thanks for asking! Each publication that goes gets a three year licence for Camayak , which is a great piece of online newsroom software. The license is worth roughly £13,500, which is a very generous party bag.

Is this a Joke?